Honey, I got Fired — Nathaniel Hawthorne went home to tell his wife that he had just been fired from his job. “Good,” she said. “Now you can write your book.” “What do we live on meanwhile?” Hawthorne asked. His wife opened a drawer filled with money. “I have always known that you are a man of genius,” she said. “So I saved a little each week, and now I have enough to last for a year.” Hawthorne used the time to write “The Scarlet Letter,” one of the great masterpieces of American literature.

~From a newsletter from Dan Miller.

Lower Incomes and Loss of Employment

Many of the writers of the blogs I’ve been reading as well as many of my readers are facing uncertain times.  Many are facing lower incomes or loss of employment.  It is frightening.  We ladies like our security.  We like our comforts, whatever they may be.  We like knowing that the bills will be paid, that we can buy groceries, shoes for the kids, whatever we need, and a few extras. 

Over the last five years my husband went from $60 K job to now working part-time for less than $300 a week.  He’s looking for full-time work and has been for months.  Our reality has changed dramatically.  Life doesn’t look like I thought it would or even like I’d like it to; but, I’m getting so much closer to God through this.   God has provided in amazing ways.  We were able to move to a caretaker’s cottage and take care of a country estate four the absentee owner in return for rent.  Money has come from unexpected sources with perfect timing.  Just yesterday I was thinking of some things that our children need.  I have no way of providing those things.  Today, an envelope arrived with no return address.  It was filled with cash.  Yes, cash.  There was an envelope with the children’s names and an envelope with Lowell and Laura on it.  Praise God!  We can buy wood so we can keep warm!  The children need shoes.  We can buy them!  Praise God!  God is so faithful to take care of us.  God bless the sender, who obviously sent it in faith.

My point in sharing this is that you can survive.  You’ll have to learn some new skills, learn to be content, learn to make do; but, you can do this.  You have to lean into God and get that Word hidden in your heart.  Talk to Him.  He is great at showing you every bargain if you talk to Him all the way through the store and ask Him to show them to you.  God bless you through this!
I’ve written a lot about what God’s done over the last couple of years.  Although I write on WordPress now, I have a list of my best writings on the top of my old blog, .  You might take a look.

Blessings upon blessings to you!


More Christmas Writings…

Hello Friends,

I know we’re all busy with Christmas preparations and celebrating.  I invite you to take a break, grab a cup of eggnog or hot tea and spend a few minutes reading my Christmas writings.  I have two blogs, Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage and Harvest Lane Cottage.  I have Christmas writings on each of them.  The links to the Christmas writings are below.  Happy Christmas Friends!

Harvest Lane Cottage Christmas Writings

Laura of Harvest Lane Christmas Writings

Enjoy your Christmas preparations! 


Happy and Blessed to Be at Home with Family

Well ladies, it seems we just can’t stay away!

Well ladies, it seems we just cannot stay away!  Even after posting nearly exclusively over at my new blog, Harvest Lane Cottage, I’ve still had 34 hits on this blog just today!

So, perhaps I’ll continue to pop in and post here once in awhile.  I really do hope that you will join me at my new blog.  I know I have a lot of good content here; and, I’m still learning to use blogger, and to organize it; but, I’m learning.

So, please, let’s get together at my new blog!



It’s a Rainy Day….


Hello Ladies,

It’s another rainy day.  I’ve found another lovely blog.  I think you may enjoy Miss April’s blog.  It’s called Maple Grove Farm.  She’s been sick with pneumonia; but, I love how she’s found blessings even in being ill.  I’m saying a prayer for her this morning.

I’ve a sprained ankle; so, I’ll be doing a lot of sitting today.  I plan to do a little sewing, too. I’ve got a shopping bag to make for the swap over at Miss Rhonda’s blog, Down-to-Earth.  I’ve only been reading it for a few weeks, but I’ve been enjoying it.  It’s a simple and frugal living type of blog. 

I’ve just topped 4000 visits to my blog.  I thank you all for your kindness.  I do wish you all would say, “Hello” in the comments section.  I absolutely love hearing from my readers. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Cherish the little pleasures.

God bless!


Happy at Home

What a Lovely Honor….

I was looking at my blog stats this morning and noticed several visitors that had been directed to me by Cottage Remnant ; so, I dropped by and found it to be a lovely new blog.  I invite you to visit.  What a lovely honor to be listed in this dear lady’s list of “lovely places” she’s discovering.  I thank you!

Have a blessed weekend.


Happy at Home

Something to Think About… Scrapbooking

I think scrapbooking is great.  I think it’s a terrific way to preserve memories and write your family’s story book.  Notice, I said write.  Without journaling, or writing about what was going on, or your thoughts, or at least the who what where when why and how, they’re just pictures in a book.  Now don’t get me wrong, the pictures are wonderful reminders of the good times you’ve had.  They are wonderful snapshots of your life.  I just don’t think they’re enough.  I think that’s why we started scrapbooking to begin with, at least it was one of the reasons I started.

In addition to the things above, I love to add scriptures from the Bible to my pages whenever I can find something that fits.  I think it reminds us and those who will read it in our future of our dedication to God’s Word.  Who knows?  Perhaps a child or grandchild will see the scriptures and be drawn to the Word and the Lord by reading what we’ve written. 

I encourage you to write scriptures, captions, and  notes to your family in your own handwriting.  No, you may not think your writing is pretty;  but, let me tell you.  My mother died several years ago, and anything that has her handwriting on it is absolutely precious to me.  I don’t have much.  I want to make sure that my children have written reminders of my love for their father, our family, our Lord, and for each of them.

Just Something to Think About….

It’s the Ultimate Blog Party! Please Come!

Hi  You’re invited to the Ultimate Blog Party! 

Ultimate Blog Party 2008 

Hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom

The purpose of the Party is to find wonderful new blogs to visit and to promote your blog as well.  Won’t you join us?


Now, on to the party…I understand that I am to introduce myself to you and tell you a little about blog.  Here goes!

How’d I get my name?

A few years ago we had a hobby farm which we named Harvest Lane Farm.  My husband enjoyed riding his tractor and playing at being a farmer.  The wheat in the back yard whas actually planted by the real farmer down the road. ~smile~  My Farmer Boy planted a nice big garden and a very big to me 2 acre pumpkin patch!  We sold U-Pick blackberries that grew around our property.  We also had a pumpkin patch one year open to the employees at my husband’s day job.  While we were there, I became Laura of Harvest Lane on the internet.  That name just stuck; so, when we moved to town to try to lower our debt, I became Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage.  Now my blog is Laura of Harvest Lane, and my Etsy shop is Harvest Lane Cottage.

What do I do when I’m not blogging?

I homeschool 3 of my 4 children, I am assistant editor and contributing author to the Kingdom Business Journal, I scrapbook, I sew, and I oversee keeping our home.  I say oversee because I don’t do it by myself.  My kids help me a lot. 

 What do I want to be when I grow up?

I want to be a writer, my man’s wife, and  grandma to lots and lots of children!

Why did I start blogging? 

My husband pushed me into it.  I didn’t think I had a thing to write about.  The Lord has inspired me many times when I’ve sat down at the computer.  I’m truly enjoying it now.  I’ve lived through some really tough times; it’s good to share some of what I’ve learned.  I also started so that I would be in practice for writing for the Journal.  See the sidebar if you’d like to see what I’ve written so far.

What do I want to learn this year?

HTML!   More of my Bible. 

I live my life day by day, knowing that I can only trust and depend on God, our creator.  No one else and nothing else is dependable and trustworthy like God.  He is my healer, my provider, my comforter, my Father, my never ending hope in trouble.  I am learning to love Him more, lean on Him more and pray for His perfect will in my life.

Well, I think that’s enough partying for now!

Please check out my etsy shop

Please check out my other blog that I write with my children:

Blogging with Momma  .

God bless you!  Have a wonderful week!


Happy at Home

P.S.  I like the scrapbook supplies from Amy #122 and the $15 gift certificate from Mommy Cracked #129.

Kingdom Business Journal is On-Line!

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited!  I’m officially a published author!  My first article has been published in the Kingdom Business Journal!

It’s called From Laura’s Kitchen. Please check it out; and, let me know what you think!

Look around while you’re there. I think you’ll find some great articles that will inspire you in your Christian walk, in your ministry, and in your business, too. It’s not just for business people; it’s for work at home moms, students, business owners, entrepreneurs, just about anyone interested in extending the Kingdom of God.  


Happy at Home

Writing Cards & Letters

Hi Friends,

Christmas is nearly a month past. 

 Have you finished mailing your thank you notes?  I’ve still a few left to finish. 

Have you responded to those cards and letters you received at Christmas that you would like to answer?

This is a good time to get those notes sent.  It’s also a good time to think about who you’d like to bless with a Valentine message expressing your love or friendship.  They’re not just for sweethearts, you know.

I’ve finished making my Valentine’s cards.  I’m now writing the messages for my friends and loved ones.  They’ll be sent on February 1st. 

If you didn’t send a Christmas or New Year’s letter, why not think about sending a Valentine’s letter?  Any time is a good time to show someone you care.

God bless!


Happy at Home