I had great fun going garage “saling” last Friday and Saturday.  It was our City Wide Garage Sale.  I found a wonderful dark red sign, lettered in white, that I really liked on Friday night.  It said, “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” .

Buying that sign, in the country primitive style I love, and buying a second one, black with white lettering, that said Welcome Friends really got me thinking about the things I have in my home. 

I’m ready to really start clearing out the things I don’t love or need, so that I can start filling our home (little by little) with things I love.  (I”m not planning on tossing hubby’s things.  He likes my style, too.)

So, I’m going to keep working on preparations for my own garage sale.  I think it will probably be two or three weeks yet; but, I’m getting really motivated!

God bless you all!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Happy at Home