Planning Ahead…Easter

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Hello Friends,     

Easter, or Resurrection Day, as I like to call it, is early this year on March 23rd.  It’s time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate Our Lord Jesus’ resurrection. 

Do you go to worship services?  I hope so.  Check to see if there is any change in schedule or a special service.

Do you host a celebration dinner?  It’s time to make the menu and plan the shopping list.  You can also think about  table settings.   Don’t forget to invite the guests!

Will you have company for the weekend?  Make a list of to do’s to prepare. 

Do you like to sew or buy something new to wear?  Time is running out; better get that machine humming!

Will you want to make Resurrection Cookies or color eggs?  Get the supplies in the house. 

Will you host a Passover meal or as my family often does, a “last supper” type communion dinner of bread and grape juice?  Add those items to your grocery list.

Spring cleaning?  Try to get your house ready early to encourage relaxation and happy times.

It’s time to think ahead and plan to make this precious time of remembering our Lord’s sacrifice a blessing to our family and friends.  Let’s make some memories this year.  I’d love to hear your ideas. 

Just a few thoughts for a lovely late winter Friday morning.

Have a terrific weekend!


Happy at Home