Something to Think About…Gift Giving

We had a relaxing Christmas, just my mother-in-love and our little family of six.  We take time to open our presents one at a time so that all can enjoy each gift.  It seemed to take a long time this year.  It’s because now all of my children are now old enough to give gifts.  That multiplies presents quickly!  Although most of the things I gave were thrifted treasures, I found myself concerned that too much emphasis was put on gifts simply because of the great number involved.  Now, I do want my children to give gifts; but, I think I will be re-examining my own gift giving for next year.  We do not give our children very many gifts except for their birthdays and Christmas and an occasional I love you day.  I think that causes me to want to give them more on the special occasions.  I think also, since I’m spending so little, I feel like I should give more things.  I now realize that as with many things, less is best.  I intend to make some changes in our home.  I want our life to be focused on Christ and His gift.  I think my children understand that.  It’s just something for you and me to think about….

God bless!


Happy at Home

Trimming the Tree

Ah, what a wonderful weekend.  Saturday dawned cold and snow soon began to fall, slowly blanketing the neighborhood with a pristine white.  It was a perfect day to trim the tree.  The children were absolutely delighted with the Frazier Fir my Honey and I chose.  They could hardly wait to get started.  It took me over an hour to get all the ornaments ready to deck the tree.  In the meantime, my Honey went to pick up his momma so she could join in the fun. 

My Honey and I have a long standing tradition for decorating the tree.  The very first ornament to go on the tree is an old gold tinsel wired “I love you” that he fashioned for me way back in 1983 when I had my first tree in my own apartment.  I saved it; and, we use it every year.  I keep it because it’s a symbol of the enduring quality of our love. 

Next we jump ahead to 1986, the year we were married.  We have two “First Christmas Together” ornaments.  The first was given to us by Lowell’s momma, a little ceramic box with a boy & girl in it, from Precious Moments.  The second is a glass ball from Hallmark.  It’s always so heartwarming to hang those on the tree knowing we have such a lot of history together. 

Then, year by year we add our yearly ornament.  The children simply observe with growing anticipation as we near the years of their births.  They each also have a yearly ornament to add to the tree.   If they want to help before we get to their birth years, we just tell them, “You’re not born yet!”

Finally, we reach the current year.  Each child then unwraps their first gift of the season, their new ornament.  They are always so thankful and blessed by their new ornaments.  I love it.  They love it.  Honey loves it. 

Best of all,  as we go through each year, we talk about some of the things that happened that year.  It’s a great way to remember some of our family history. 

Build some new traditions this year; but, keep the ones that bring you and your family joy. 

May God bless you!

Merry Christmas!


Happy at Home