Thrifty Roadkill Soup


I spent an enjoyable afternoon with two of my best friends Wednesday afternoon.  We usually get together to make crafts, sew, or crochet.  Yesterday we decided to exchange recipes, especially thrifty ones.  Just for fun, I slipped this one in on them.  Click here for a thrifty way to use your roadkill.  It’s a real website and a real recipe.  I’m not planning on ever trying it; but, well, who knows?  My eldest son loves the whole Redneck thing and has tried possom grilled.  He likes it.  By the way, I do know it should be oppossum.  I also know everyone in Southwest Missouri just says Possum.  I do NOT recommend eating Roadkill!  This is just for Fun!  If you would like to try the recipe, please trap or shoot the critter fresh!


So happy I don’t have to eat off the road.


Something to Think About…The Gathering Place

Where does your family gather?  Your friends?  What can we do to make our homes the gathering place?  I’ve been thinking about this.  We don’t have a lot of “latest greatest” type toys or equipment at our house.  We do however have games, a basketball and goal, a baseball and bat, a trampoline, and lots of books.  Our kids like to go to play at others’ houses because usually they have more toys.  I’m thinking about what could draw the kids to our house. 

We do like to invite families over for a meal; then, the adults talk and the kids play together.  I think I need to plan these get togethers a little more often. 

Last night, my husband took me out for an early dinner and shopping.  When we returned, my sweet family gave me a surprise birthday party in our back yard.  It was just cake and icecream, lawn chairs, a few toys, a trampoline, 4 couples (including us), my brother-in-law and mother-in-love, and 18 kids.  We had a blast.   It didn’t take much to have a great time.  Now, it did take some yard clean up and prep; but, that needed to be done anyway. 

My point is that it wasn’t anything fancy, just friends and family having a good time together.  My husband is having the guys at our little church over for a cook out on Friday evening.  It promises to be another beautiful fun evening.

I need to let go of some of my perfectionism.  It’s really our friends that we’re interested in.  Most of us don’t required fancy stuff to have a great time.  Let’s just follow President Teddy Roosevelt’s advice,

“Do what you can

with what you have

where you are!”

Talk to your honey; and, invite someone over this week!


Happy at Home

Celebrating and Enjoying Today

What’s life without celebration?  We celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, weddings, births, so many things.  All these times are special, set apart, times for celebrating.  What if we were to celebrate ordinary days, ordinary things that make our lives richer?

I’m just beginning to realize how much my children would love more celebration.  Our family has been going through very hard times over the last several months.  My husband has been unemployed since the beginning of November.  Praise God in Heaven, He has miraculously supplied rent, gas, utilities, food, etc.   Our life has been hard.  I want to spice it up a bit with little celebrations.  I tend to be more on the serious side, which has tended to mean worrying.  God forgive me; I’ve got to change.  Our children don’t have a lot of toys; they don’t get to go and do many things (unless they’re free-wink); but, there’s no reason we cannot look for things to celebrate and enjoy.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, especially if that’s your thing, or you have some ideas. 

I think what it comes down to is living in the present, enjoying and being thankful for what and where God has us now.  Just something to think about….



Thankful to be at Home

FREE for WAHM’s, Cottage Business Owners, Etsy Shop Owners, Cardmakers, Scrapbookers and Wannabes!

Hi Ladies!

We do love FREE, don’t we?  Many of you have followed my blog from the beginning and know about my husband’s work with the Kingdom Business JournalI invite you to join us for what I think is going to be a fun evening with Kristie T. from Web Momz.  She is the author of, “I Love My Life”,  A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home. She makes greeting cards and gets paid for it.  She is a Christian Business Woman and stay at home mom. She loves to teach relationship marketing. 

The topic is sales.  Kristie is going to talk about how sales relates to home based business and relationship marketing.



TUESDAY, APRIL 22 AT 7 P.M. Central Time


If you cannot join us, you can click here on Wednesday to listen to the recorded interview.