Husband Bashing or Praying?

God has been so good to bring such good Christian friends into my life.  I’m so blessed to have friends that I can be completely open and honest with.  I can share my heart, the joys, the fears, the frustrations, the victories, the hopes and dreams.  They can do the same.

NO HUSBAND BASHING allowed!  Usually, we’re talking about the ways that we are trying to change, praying to change, and changing.  We talk about loving and submission, teaching and disciplining kids, recipes and what is working for us around the house. 

WE PRAY TOGETHER…for our families, ourselves, those that we know that are suffering in some way or in need, for healing, for the body of Christ, for others’ salvation, for our country’s leaders and our country itself.

Thank You God for my good friends!


Blessed Among Women in my Own Generation

My Daybook…

Outside my window…darkness.  It’s far before dawn here in Missouri.

I am thinking… I need to get busy.  I have to go to a nearby city for my husband’s office Christmas party.  I found out last night that we are to bring “White Elephant” gifts.  The $ limit is $10.  I’ll be shopping at home from my stash!
I am thankful for… an e-mail from my grandma!  She’s recently moved and I lost her for a few weeks!
From the learning rooms…  a shortened day because of my trip.  Definitely math, language arts, and reading.

From the kitchen…  quick and simple.  Breakfast-toast.  Lunch-soup made from yesterday’s leftover brisket, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic.
I am wearing… Must I say?  I’m wearing my flannel nightgown.  It’s only 5:30 in the morning here as I write.
I am creating… a list in my head of things I want to create.  I’ll be writing them down soon.  Today, as we drive, I’ll probably be crocheting a hanging handle on a dishtowel.  I have a friend who has ordered two from me.   She doesn’t need them until after Christmas; but, it’s a project that will travel well.
I am going… to my husband’s office Christmas party.
I am hoping… to keep myself organized during this week.  After this week, much of the busy-ness of the season will be finished.  Then, I can focus on finishing projects.
I am hearing… nothing but the hum of the computer, the click of the keys, and silence.  It’s early, mind you!
Around the house… a few things to put away from the weekend…lots of laundry to be done…some ironing to do…more decorating to do.
One of my favorite things…poinsettias!  I hope my Honey reads this and gets the hint!
A few plans for the rest of the week:

Monday- Office Christmas Party

Tuesday-Homeschool Support Group Christmas Party

Wednesday-Caroling and ringing the bells at Wal-Mart with our church to raise money for Salvation Army.

Thursday-Kids’ homeschool Christmas Party

Friday-Friend’s Christmas party

Saturday-Craft fair in the day, just attending, and a Christmas play that night.

Sunday-possibly going to Branson to take in a show, if I can find a babysitter.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Making Cookies

Making Cookies

Visit the Simple Woman’s Daybook to see what other ladies are doing this week and to join in the fun.

It will be a very busy week, full of Christmas party preparations.

The only really important way that we must prepare for Christmas is in our hearts.  The rest of it is all for fun.  Let’s not forget that.  Jesus is the reason that we celebrate Christmas.  Jesus, the baby in the manger, God’s son, grew up to be the sinless sacrifice for our sins.  Let’s reclaim this holiday this year.


Keeping my Focus

Christmas on the Cheap…and Nice

Many of us are called upon to give gifts in gift exchanges, at the office, to a teacher, to friends, the list goes on and on. Many of these gifts are supposed to be of the $5 or less type.

Why not shop in the comfort of your home, from your home? Go on a treasure hunt.

Entire article available at .

Something to Think About…The Gathering Place

Where does your family gather?  Your friends?  What can we do to make our homes the gathering place?  I’ve been thinking about this.  We don’t have a lot of “latest greatest” type toys or equipment at our house.  We do however have games, a basketball and goal, a baseball and bat, a trampoline, and lots of books.  Our kids like to go to play at others’ houses because usually they have more toys.  I’m thinking about what could draw the kids to our house. 

We do like to invite families over for a meal; then, the adults talk and the kids play together.  I think I need to plan these get togethers a little more often. 

Last night, my husband took me out for an early dinner and shopping.  When we returned, my sweet family gave me a surprise birthday party in our back yard.  It was just cake and icecream, lawn chairs, a few toys, a trampoline, 4 couples (including us), my brother-in-law and mother-in-love, and 18 kids.  We had a blast.   It didn’t take much to have a great time.  Now, it did take some yard clean up and prep; but, that needed to be done anyway. 

My point is that it wasn’t anything fancy, just friends and family having a good time together.  My husband is having the guys at our little church over for a cook out on Friday evening.  It promises to be another beautiful fun evening.

I need to let go of some of my perfectionism.  It’s really our friends that we’re interested in.  Most of us don’t required fancy stuff to have a great time.  Let’s just follow President Teddy Roosevelt’s advice,

“Do what you can

with what you have

where you are!”

Talk to your honey; and, invite someone over this week!


Happy at Home


I had great fun going garage “saling” last Friday and Saturday.  It was our City Wide Garage Sale.  I found a wonderful dark red sign, lettered in white, that I really liked on Friday night.  It said, “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” .

Buying that sign, in the country primitive style I love, and buying a second one, black with white lettering, that said Welcome Friends really got me thinking about the things I have in my home. 

I’m ready to really start clearing out the things I don’t love or need, so that I can start filling our home (little by little) with things I love.  (I”m not planning on tossing hubby’s things.  He likes my style, too.)

So, I’m going to keep working on preparations for my own garage sale.  I think it will probably be two or three weeks yet; but, I’m getting really motivated!

God bless you all!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Happy at Home

Celebrating and Enjoying Today

What’s life without celebration?  We celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, weddings, births, so many things.  All these times are special, set apart, times for celebrating.  What if we were to celebrate ordinary days, ordinary things that make our lives richer?

I’m just beginning to realize how much my children would love more celebration.  Our family has been going through very hard times over the last several months.  My husband has been unemployed since the beginning of November.  Praise God in Heaven, He has miraculously supplied rent, gas, utilities, food, etc.   Our life has been hard.  I want to spice it up a bit with little celebrations.  I tend to be more on the serious side, which has tended to mean worrying.  God forgive me; I’ve got to change.  Our children don’t have a lot of toys; they don’t get to go and do many things (unless they’re free-wink); but, there’s no reason we cannot look for things to celebrate and enjoy.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, especially if that’s your thing, or you have some ideas. 

I think what it comes down to is living in the present, enjoying and being thankful for what and where God has us now.  Just something to think about….



Thankful to be at Home

You Make My Day….

I’m so honored.  My Friend Sue from Country Pleasures was so kind to give me this award!  I am enjoying getting to know Sue through her blog and her kind comments.  I encourage you to go visit her. 

I wish to award the following lovely blogs with this award:

Mrs. Miller at Homemaking Homesteader,

Miss Deb at homespun living,  

Miss Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse,

Miss Kay at The Rustic Cottage,

Miss Marie at A Year from Oak Cottage,

Miss Tami at Joyful Noise.

God bless you all ladies!  Please pass this award on to 6 others each.

Laura of Harvest Lane


Writing Cards & Letters

Hi Friends,

Christmas is nearly a month past. 

 Have you finished mailing your thank you notes?  I’ve still a few left to finish. 

Have you responded to those cards and letters you received at Christmas that you would like to answer?

This is a good time to get those notes sent.  It’s also a good time to think about who you’d like to bless with a Valentine message expressing your love or friendship.  They’re not just for sweethearts, you know.

I’ve finished making my Valentine’s cards.  I’m now writing the messages for my friends and loved ones.  They’ll be sent on February 1st. 

If you didn’t send a Christmas or New Year’s letter, why not think about sending a Valentine’s letter?  Any time is a good time to show someone you care.

God bless!


Happy at Home