Sew Crafty Friday Fuzzy Feet

I encouraged Shereen to start her Sew Crafty Fridays again; and, here I haven’t even shared anything yet!

I’m currently knitting big socks that I’ll felt down to fit my feet.  They’re more like a slipper when they’re done.  Here’s a copy of the photo from the pattern which is free on-line.  I’ll take some photos of my work in progress and post them next week.  I’ve just turned my first heel.  What a thrill!  My friend, Kate, of, is teaching me to knit.  Thanks Kate!

If you want the free pattern, just click on the photo.

If you’d like to see who else is sew crafty this week, click on the Sew Crafty Friday button above.

May God bless you and your craftiness!


Notes on Time to a Younger Mother…Something to Think About

I am, by nature, an introvert.

God, by nature, likes to stretch us beyond our comfort levels.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

I, by nature, wanted one child.

God, by nature, gave me four children!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

I, by nature, want to create.

God, by nature, wants to create.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


He understands your many responsibilities, the many things that pull on you as a woman. You must ask Him to help you find the minutes here and there.  You must ask Him to show you how to organize your projects in a way that will work for you.

For example, when I’m working on a project, I will often pin or sticky note a note to myself to tell me what the next step is, so that I can go back to it without rethinking it.  I also have several projects going at once.  So, I try to do all the cutting out that I can at once.  The next time, I try to do all the marking I can at once.  Next time, it’s all the pinning I can do at once.  Then, all the sewing I can do at once.  Then all the pressing.  I’m sure you get the picture.

I want blocks of time.  God gives me minutes.

I’m trying to learn to discipline myself to use those minutes more wisely.


Happy at Home with my four wonderful blessings!

6, 8, 10, and my teenager

If you’d like to see a photo of my blessings, you can find them on my other blog, Harvest Lane Cottage.  Just scroll down on my Day Book entry.


Sew Crafty Friday

I’m working a a washcloth like this one; but I’m using a varigated blue cotton yarn.

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time working on menu plans.  I hope you’re having a productive week.  I was hoping to get my wicker chair painted.  Perhaps that will be next week’s project.

See what the other ladies are doing over at Shereen’s blog.



Happy at Home


Well, I spent quite a bit of time photographing items for my shop.  I cut out some aprons; but, I haven’t got them sewn up yet.  I don’t have any new photos to share.  I’ll have to work extra hard this next week.  There’s a bit of gentle pressure to keep moving on projects with this weekly show and tell.  ~smile~

Go on over to Shereen’s blog and see what the other ladies have been making!

God bless and have a productive week!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

My Little Butter Fingers!

My Amy and I made butter today!

I just had to share a few photos.  She was just so cute!  I don’t know when she’s had so much fun!

First, we put the heavy cream that I’d skimmed from real live cow’s milk into the Bosch mixer.  We mixed it until Amy practically squealed that it was butter.  The mixing caused the butter and the buttermilk to separate.  I poured off about a pint of buttermilk through a small strainer into a pint jar.  My Matthew, 17, immediately suggested I make biscuits…maybe tomorrow.  Here’s Little Amy putting the butter into my Grandma Bern’s old mixing bowl. 

Making Butter with Momma 

Next she washed the butter.  She absolutely loved getting her hands into it.

Washing the Butter

Finally, all the buttermilk was rinsed out. 

It was time to squeeze out the last of the water.  I drained it and put it in the refrigerator for a bit to firm up.  Then I pulled it out and worked in the salt.  Last of all, I packed it into Tupperware to keep it safe.

It was great fun!

Oh, I added a set of cards to my shop.  I have more items to come including some cute little socks with crocheted lace trim. 

Crocheted Cotton Dishcloth - Yellow with Blue and Pink Speckles
Crocheted Cotton Dishcloth - Blue Speckled
Crocheted Dishcloth or Wash cloth, for Kitchen or Baby
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Have a great day!


Happy at Home

Sew Crafty Friday


I’ve been busy crocheting this week.  Here a a few things I’ve made:


a yellow dishcloth with blue and pink speckles ,

a natural cotton dishcloth with blue speckles,

and a white dishcloth with pink, blue, green and

yellow speckles.

You’ll find them all in my shop this weekend.

Now, go see what Shereen and the other ladies

have made this week!

God bless you!


P.S.  Don’t forget to comment to be entered into my book give away!

New in the Shop…More Dishcloths

Hand Crocheted Cotton Dishcloths, Set of 3
Dish Cloth, Hand Crocheted Cotton Dish Cloth
Fanciful Hearts Greeting Cards
Spring Time Bright Handcrafted Greeting Cards
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade


Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.  I’ve kept my hands busy making new things for my Etsy shop, Harvest Lane Cottage.  I’ll be listing more over the next few days.  My husband showed me how to load the photos.  Life is so full of learning experiences, isn’t it?  We laugh about me being technologically impaired! ~smile~  I do love creating with my hands, though.  Handmade things just give such a cozy feel to things.



Busy at Home