Free Shipping at Harvest Lane Cottage!

Note:  I’ve dated this post so that it will remain at the top of my blog until April 15 or until items are sold out.

Free Shipping at Harvest Lane Cottage Etsy Shop until April 15th! 

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I’d like to invite you, my readers, to enjoy the benefits of handmade items.  I guess you could call this my grand opening. ~smile~ 

I’m having a free shipping special for my readers at my Etsy shop until April 15th!

Just push the little “contact Laura of Harvest Lane” button at the shop; and, let me know you’re going to order so that I can change the shipping to zero for you.

Happy Shopping!


Happy at Home

P.S.  Additional colors are available.  Contact me for information. 

Thrifty Tip for Today

 Four Cuori Rosso Art Print by Roberta Ricchini

Hi Friends,

I was using a glue stick today while recycling some cards into new and improved cards.  My thrifty tip is an idea that worked great for me.  I had a magazine that I didn’t want anymore.  Rather than use sheet after sheet of paper to do my gluing on, I did my gluing on a page of the magazine.  When I got too much glue on the page, I just turned the page!  It was terrific!  Much less mess and much less stress.  Best of all, I was reusing something and being thrifty!

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it Do, or Do Without!!!!!!!!

God bless and have fun thinking up thrifty ideas.  I’d love to hear from you!


Happy at Home

Writing Cards & Letters

Hi Friends,

Christmas is nearly a month past. 

 Have you finished mailing your thank you notes?  I’ve still a few left to finish. 

Have you responded to those cards and letters you received at Christmas that you would like to answer?

This is a good time to get those notes sent.  It’s also a good time to think about who you’d like to bless with a Valentine message expressing your love or friendship.  They’re not just for sweethearts, you know.

I’ve finished making my Valentine’s cards.  I’m now writing the messages for my friends and loved ones.  They’ll be sent on February 1st. 

If you didn’t send a Christmas or New Year’s letter, why not think about sending a Valentine’s letter?  Any time is a good time to show someone you care.

God bless!


Happy at Home

Planning Ahead for Valentine’s Day

Okay, time to be truthful.  I’ve never thought about Valentine’s Day this far ahead of time before; but, this year is going to be different.  I want to make things special and enjoy the day.  Last night I began making some cards for the swap that Sue is hosting at .  I’ve made ten cards so far, using odds and ends of scrapbook paper, a cardboard heart template cut apart and used like quilt pieces, some buttons, rubber stamps,  some embroidery floss, and glue stick.  They were all things I had on hand, some of which have been in my craft box for years, some of which were given to me.  I ended up with ten very cute cards without spending a penny.  Since I did ten already, I think I’m going to send some to my local friends, too.  So, I’ll probably be making another 20 or 30 cards!  I wish I could show you; but, I’ll have to wait for the digital camera that God will someday provide!  ~smile~

I encourage you to look around you at the things you have on hand.  Think creatively about how you can make something special to make someone’s day brighter, even if it’s just your own!  



Happy at Home

Greeting Card Thrift

Hi Friends!

Here’s my little project for the day.  I’m cutting the fronts off my Christmas cards to make postcards for next year.  Here are the U.S.P.S. requirements for postcards.

To qualify for First-Class Mail card rates, a card must be:

• Rectangular
• At least 3-1/2 inches high X 5 inches long X 0.007 inch thick
• No more than 4-1/4 inches high X 6 inches long X 0.016 inch thick

Length is the longest dimension parallel to the address.
Oversized cards will be charged as a letter or large envelope depending on the size.

I’m enjoying this bit of thrift.  Some of the cards will not make good postcards because of glitter or size.  I’ll use these as part of other greeting cards I make or use them in the scrapbook.   This will work for those Valentine cards that are coming your way soon, too. 

Let’s look for ways to save and bless people every day!

Your friend,


Happy at Home