The Top Ten Wedding Shower Gifts That No One Else Will Bring

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Bridal shower and wedding season is upon us.  Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit awkward when you gave or received a duplicate gift? Do you ever find yourself wondering what gift to give the bride—especially if this is the sixth wedding or shower you’ve attended this summer?

I’ve got some terrific ideas for the bride that will be appreciated, enjoyed, and no one else will duplicate! Remember… she’s a bride for a day and a wife for life!

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Give Lavishly….

I had to shorten my list quite a bit.  That is, I had to shorten the list of things that will be finished before Christmas.  Who says gifts can only be given at Christmas or on birthdays?  This week, I’ll finish knitting mittens for two of my kittens.  I’m going to order some yellow yarn from Knit Picks for my other little kitten.  She knows her mittens will be coming.

Don’t despair if you haven’t met your handmade goals.  As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can with what you’ve got where you are.”  What our family and friends really want is our acceptance, our companionship, our time, and our love.  Give these lavishly and all will be well.  That’s giving heartmade.

Husband Bashing or Praying?

God has been so good to bring such good Christian friends into my life.  I’m so blessed to have friends that I can be completely open and honest with.  I can share my heart, the joys, the fears, the frustrations, the victories, the hopes and dreams.  They can do the same.

NO HUSBAND BASHING allowed!  Usually, we’re talking about the ways that we are trying to change, praying to change, and changing.  We talk about loving and submission, teaching and disciplining kids, recipes and what is working for us around the house. 

WE PRAY TOGETHER…for our families, ourselves, those that we know that are suffering in some way or in need, for healing, for the body of Christ, for others’ salvation, for our country’s leaders and our country itself.

Thank You God for my good friends!


Blessed Among Women in my Own Generation

Good Books and Good Friends

“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen;
the more select, the more enjoyable.”
~Louisa May Alcott
I’m afraid that I need to take this quote to heart…the book part, that is. I have finished packing our books. I sorted, gave away, and am paperback swapping and selling some. I recorded each book that I packed on a 3 x 5 card. That way I can find exactly what I need when I need it. I have about twenty boxes. Whew! I think I’ll have to sort again when I unpack. No wonder we’re a reading family!
By the way, I have really good friends. God chose well for me.
Harvest Blessings,

Come and See….

I wrote out a nice long entry this morning; and then, the computer did something weird and erased everything I wrote! So, rather than write it all out again, I’ll invite you to visit two blogs that I just added to my sidebar.

Gayla’s Prairie Flower Cottage

Rebecca’s Hearth and Home

They’re two more ladies who live between Oz and the Ozarks who are down home, home loving and home schooling ladies who love the Lord.

Welcome to the list girls!

Abundantly Blessed

Flowers and Friends

My Friend Sue, of Country Pleasures, wrote about flowers and friendship today. See her blog in my blog list. She mentioned, “My theory is you can always tell a good Mother by the way she tends to her garden and friends. ”

Oh boy, I hope she’s not right about that! I’m afraid the three lovely flower gardens that my husband planted for me in our front yard are sorely in need of weeding. The pansies, petunias and snapdragons are loving the rain and temperatures we’ve been having; but, so do the weeds! I guess that’s something to put on my to do list.

One of my dear friends, Sherry, recently moved to a new house in the country. I spent a few hours helping her yesterday. It’s an old farm house that the Lord has worked so many details out for. She has nice big airy rooms with big windows that felt fine even without air conditioning in 85 degree weather. It’s great.

I’m so happy for her. She was content even before the Lord made a way for new cabinets, counters, appliances, and floors in the kitchen. That’s contentment. God often blesses us most when we are content, truly content, with the least.

How’s your contentment level? I’m working on mine. There are a lot of unknowns for all of us right now. The thing is, all we truly have is right now. Chances are, right now isn’t as bad as we might have thought it was going to be when we worried about it!

I encourage you to do your best to be content with the right now, right here, right the way it is. You may be surprised at how your thoughts begin to brighten.


Minutes…Coffee or Tea…My Friend and Me

I’ve just had a wonderful morning. I slipped away to have coffee (tea for me) with my heart friend Sherry. She is so dear to me for so many reasons. She’s a friend that I can share my heart with openly and honestly. She always points me back to God. I thank God for her.

Sometimes we think we need a lot of time to be with a friend. Friend Sherry and I haven’t talked for weeks. That happens when we think we need hours. God blesses us with minutes. I thank God for my Friend Sherry and that we took the minutes and redeemed them this morning.

Who do you need to call or spend a few minutes with?
God is in the minutes. Relationships and friendships are in the minutes.



My friend Sue, at Country Pleasures, wrote about hope yesterday. Hope is a very powerful thing. Many years ago, when my oldest son was a toddler, I had a friend who was living near the poverty level just as my family was. We spent time together frequently; because, we attended church together and had sons about the same age. We both struggled a great deal with just putting food on the table let alone all the other needs we had. There was a major difference between us though.

I told my husband that the difference was that we were hopefully poor and she was hopelessly poor. I had my husband who was trying to provide for us. Her husband was making more money; but, he kept out a large percentage for his personal use and gave her barely enough to keep going. The key was that I had hope that things would get better. She really didn’t expect anything to improve. In fact, she was tearing down her house with her own hands with her hopelessness.
Hope for hope’s sake may help some; but, I must hope in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God our Creator. He is the only real hope. He saves us from being punished with hell and eternal separation from God for our sins IF we confess that he is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised him from the dead. Romans 10:9. We have to confess our sins and believe that he paid the price for our sins. 1 John 1:9.
He is not just hope for salvation from hell. He’s also our hope for today, for everything we face, for everything we need. He promised to never leave us or forsake us. We need him daily. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds with the Living Word of God, the Holy Bible. Romans 12:12.
You know, you do become like those you hang around with. This year, I want to hang around with Jesus more and more in his holy, true, living word. How about you?
Blessings to you!

I Thank God… Day 18

I thank God for the many ways He’s taken care of us.

Last year, at this time, my husband was out of work. It was to be a long unemployment, about nine months. God miraculously provided for us in many ways during that time. After he’d only worked for three months for his previous employer, the owner decided to pay him for an additional three months. Miraculous! Then, he was able to get unemployment benefits even though the person he talked to at the office told him he probably wasn’t eligible. Then, our tax refund came just in time. We were able to buy a second van for $750 so that Lowell could have dependable transportation for work. Then, Lowell’s brother came and worked on both vans to get them in running order. Then, the economic stimulous check arrived. Food stamps were available to us in varying amounts during this time. A local ministry helped us to get food, clothing, and shoes and a pair of pants or a dress for our kids when school started. They also helped with some school supplies. My dad showed up with coolers full of meat and boxes of food, not even knowing the extent of our circumstances. Friends donated items to us when I decided to declutter and have what ended up being a total of three yard sales. I have been able to do some freelance transcribing, some sewing and crocheting to order, and have sold a few things in my on-line shop, Harvest Lane Cottage. We were able to help sell our friends’ van and they graciously gave us some school books we needed and some money to help get tires for my van, Rosy. I’ve sold a bit on ebay. We picked up black walnuts to sell. Two kind ladies allowed us to pick apples and pears in their yards. Recently, our church gave us a check to help buy some gifts for our kids for Christmas. God has been very good to us. Lowell has been back to work for a few months now. We’re still trying to catch up on bills; but God is so good. I realize that I really need to have faith for a miracle to get all of our bills caught up and then paid off.

I thank God not only for the provision that He has given, but also for the faith that He has created in me. I know that “it’s gonna be alright,” even if things are not alright. It’s gonna be alright because He is alright; and, He is our strong tower. The righteous run into that strong tower; and, we are safe. If you’re reading this, and you’ve had a hand in blessing and caring for us this year, thank you from the bottom of my heart. God will give you your reward for your mercy and kindness.

Thank you Jesus!
Blessed Beyond the Stress

I Thank God… Day 17

Phelps House, Carthage, Missouri
He has put so many people in my life to teach me things along the way. I think of my friend, Debbie. I met Debbie when I was in my early thirties. She is one of the most gracious, kind, caring ladies I’ve ever met. She helped me learn to be a good friend. I’ve developed many good friendships through the years since. Debbie continues to be my chosen sister in Jesus. She is my lifelong friend, even though we don’t see each other often enough. ~smile~
I thank God for Debbie and for other friends that I’ve made along the way. He is so kind to teach me and give me the gift of friendship.

God bless you my friends, all of you!

Blessed with Friends