Keep on the Sunny Side!

My Grandma Mamie was a sunshine spreader!
I moved to this small Missouri town over twenty years ago. I moved from a big city and thought I was moving to Mayberry! 

I have a personal friendliness campaign. Small towns are supposed to be friendly, but they will only be friendly if we are!

Smile, open doors, offer to help others, talk to people— cashiers, people in line, receptionists, other shoppers, the librarian, the man who makes your sandwich, the gas station attendant — everyone! 
Everyone needs a friendly word, or smile, or even a prayer. 

Don’t be afraid to ask someone if you can pray with him or her, then do it right then if possible. It’s a wonderful encouragement, and prayer works

God bless you, have a wonderful week. Remember to share the love of Jesus with others.

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