13 Thrifty Ways to Keep Warm and to Save on Heating Costs


Cold temperatures have brought thoughts of an early winter here in our little cottage at the edge of the Ozarks. We have radiators that will keep us warm, but at a price. Propane is very expensive. Our solution is to use our wood stove. We can buy wood at a relatively inexpensive price, but while waiting to have our chimney cleaned, we endured the recent Arctic Blast with our radiators turned to the lowest temperature we could. Here are some things I have done to take the chill off for our family.

  • When you wake, put the kettle on to boil.
  • Preheat the oven and bake something delicious.
  • Leave oven door open after you turn it off.
  • Keep soup simmering on the stove.
  • Coffee, tea, cocoa, anything hot and delicious.
  • Fill the sink with hot sudsy water.
  • Light candles. They give off a little heat.
  • Use space heaters.
  • Wear layers.
  • Snuggle under blankets on the sofa and read aloud.
  • Keep socks and slippers or shoes on your feet.
  • Warm cold hands under warm water.
  • Take a hot shower.

Don’t just give in to high heating costs.  Think about whether you are actually cold or just chilly.  There’s a difference between chilly and dangerously cold.  Just something to think about.  Keep Warm!

Enjoy your week,

Keeping the shivers at bay


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