Messing Up, Making Mistakes, and Being Downright Rebellious

Have you ever wondered why we go through one difficulty after another?  I have.  Sometimes it seems that no matter what we put our hands to fails.  Other times, things seem to be going great only to find that we’ve made some mistake.  I’m reminded of Anne of Green Gables when she mistakenly puts linament in the cake she’s prepared for Marilla and a guest for tea.  Oh my, what a surprise that cake was! 

I’ve been reading through the early chapters of the Old Testament the last few weeks.  Praise God, it’s been so alive to me as I read.  It’s been great to read about all the details that God was involved in, every detail of the Israelites’ lives.  In many chapters, they were messing up, making mistakes, being downright rebellious, being punished, and returning to the Lord. In fact, that’s what they did over and over.  Their stubborness and willfulness lead them to spend their entire lives in the desert instead of reaching their promised land.  I’m almost afraid to draw comparisons to our lives; but, it is something I know I must ask the Lord to reveal to me.  Perhaps that’s why some of my trials seem to be unending.

As I’ve been reading and talking with the Lord, I’ve thought of many things I’ve not thought about before.  One thing I’ve come to realize is that God is not just a God of Love but also a God of Holiness and Justice.  I was taught that sin is “a known transgression of the Word of God”.  In Numbers and Leviticus, God spoke over and over of unknowingly sinning.  He talked about sacrifices for unknowingly sinning.  That tells me that my need for Jesus Christ’s death, resurrection, and atonement for my sin is much greater than even I know.

When I became a Christian at the age of 15, I went to a New Testament church.  Basically, that meant that we didn’t open the Old Testament.  It didn’t apply to us.  Now, I am finding, more than ever, that it does apply to us.  If in no other way, it applies to us because it shows our need for a savior.  It shows just how blessed we are to be living in the times we are with the opportunity that God has given us in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank You God!


Blessed to be saved from my sins by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for me.


4 thoughts on “Messing Up, Making Mistakes, and Being Downright Rebellious

  1. I guess we are are all human-somestimes we think God if NOT near but thethen relaize we are the ones who moved. I constantly feel this way when I try and be quite an listen.


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