Wash Rinse Repeat

 I just finished reading Joshua. 

Perhaps you remember Joshua.  He was one of the twelve spies that Moses sent ahead of the Israelites to Canaan.  He was one of just two, Joshua and Caleb, who returned with positive reports that the people could be conquered and the land claimed.  He was one of only two of his generation who was privileged to live and enter the promised land.  Caleb was the other.  The rest died in the wilderness.  Only Joshua and Caleb were spared.  Joshua went on to be Moses’ replacement as leader of the Israelites.

During Joshua’s life, the Israelites worshiped God, the one true God.  God gave them numerous victories over their enemies and gave them the land.  Joshua and the elders kept the nation’s focus on the Lord.  After Joshua’s death, the focus changed.  The next generation began to turn away from the Lord and to worship other gods and idols of the nations around them.  Things had been going well for them.  They forgot the Lord and the things that He had done for Israel.  So God gave them over to be conquered and taken as slaves and such.  After awhile, they would repent; and God would help them.  Then it was wash rinse repeat. 
This has direct application to us.  If we allow ourselves to lose our focus on the Lord, even though He may be on our minds and in our hearts, we can lose a lot.  If the next generation, our children or granchildren cannot see that our lives are focused on the Lord, how will they know how important he is?  How will they learn to love the Lord with all their hearts and minds and strength?

This is just a little something to think about.


who has much to be thankful for including the forgiveness of my sins.

One thought on “Wash Rinse Repeat

  1. Laura, once again, you have made me stop and think about my life. You are so right about your children and grand children following your example as witnesses of Christ. It is up to us to set that example, not just by word, but also by deed. You would also think that we would learn a few of those lessons by reading them in the scriptures time and again.

    I have had such negative family issues recently, that I think sometimes I lose sight of my original destination, which is to ultimately be with my Father in Heaven and His Son. Thanks for the reminder.

    Blessings, Barb


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