Lower Incomes and Loss of Employment

Many of the writers of the blogs I’ve been reading as well as many of my readers are facing uncertain times.  Many are facing lower incomes or loss of employment.  It is frightening.  We ladies like our security.  We like our comforts, whatever they may be.  We like knowing that the bills will be paid, that we can buy groceries, shoes for the kids, whatever we need, and a few extras. 

Over the last five years my husband went from $60 K job to now working part-time for less than $300 a week.  He’s looking for full-time work and has been for months.  Our reality has changed dramatically.  Life doesn’t look like I thought it would or even like I’d like it to; but, I’m getting so much closer to God through this.   God has provided in amazing ways.  We were able to move to a caretaker’s cottage and take care of a country estate four the absentee owner in return for rent.  Money has come from unexpected sources with perfect timing.  Just yesterday I was thinking of some things that our children need.  I have no way of providing those things.  Today, an envelope arrived with no return address.  It was filled with cash.  Yes, cash.  There was an envelope with the children’s names and an envelope with Lowell and Laura on it.  Praise God!  We can buy wood so we can keep warm!  The children need shoes.  We can buy them!  Praise God!  God is so faithful to take care of us.  God bless the sender, who obviously sent it in faith.

My point in sharing this is that you can survive.  You’ll have to learn some new skills, learn to be content, learn to make do; but, you can do this.  You have to lean into God and get that Word hidden in your heart.  Talk to Him.  He is great at showing you every bargain if you talk to Him all the way through the store and ask Him to show them to you.  God bless you through this!
I’ve written a lot about what God’s done over the last couple of years.  Although I write on WordPress now, I have a list of my best writings on the top of my old blog, http://harvestlanecottage.blogspot.com .  You might take a look.

Blessings upon blessings to you!


5 thoughts on “Lower Incomes and Loss of Employment

  1. What beautiful tender Mercies the Lord pours down on us! I believe that faithfulness, obedience, and humility invite tender mercies into our lives, and it is often the Lord’s timing that enables us to recognize and treasure these blessings. Just reading your words and hearing about some of the adversity that you have endured, gives me and many others hope. Many blessings to you and yours, also to the person who helped your family with the much needed cash. I agree with you, prayers go up, blessings come down.

    Blessings to you, Barb


  2. Wonderful post! I found you on Linda’s Prairie Flower Farm blog and noticed you’re a sister Missourian as well. We are in a similar spot – job-wise. Although hubby is finally back working full-time, we’re really only bringing in about what unemployment was “paying.” But, it really makes a person (me, the budgeter!) *smarter* about spending. You have to be. And, it opens one’s eyes to many blessings previously overlooked. -Tammy


  3. Wow so that is who has been helping us when we feel there is nowhere else to turn. Just when we think that there is no way we can raise the rent money or the car decides to die on us and our savings are dry something happens to help us out and get us through for another day. Thank you for writing this as it is an eye opener


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