Christmas Prayer Request

I ask for your prayers. My husband took me to the emergency room last night for what we thought was strep throat. Three of my four children have been diagnosed with strep throat since Sunday morning. Well, it turns out that I have pneumonia. I’m writing this from the hospital.

My children are crying for their Momma.

Now, in my heart I’m singing

I’ll be home for Christmas.

Longing for Home


2 thoughts on “Christmas Prayer Request

  1. Laura, I’m so sorry to hear about you having pneumonia and sick kids at home – you will all be in my prayers and hopefully you will be home for Christmas! God Bless you and your family.

    Blessings to you and yours, Barb


  2. Look on the bright side, the hospital has internet and you have a husband who can cook! =) Praying that you have a speedy recovery and get to go home today, like now! Try to have a Merry Christmas.


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