Fresh Bread and Apple Pie

Last week, my husband and I gave homemade bread to one of his friends.  This morning I received an order for  6 loaves of bread for Tuesday.   His friend owns a mailbox shipping store.  He wants to give bread to delivery drivers as Christmas gifts.  He has also ordered 8 loaves for the 23rd and an apple pie.  Now, I’m pretty good at bread; but I think hubby and I will enjoy practicing making apple pie.  We usually make pie together.  He enjoys making the crust.  I enjoy making the filling.  I guess we’ll all enjoy the fruits of our practicing.

Gotta get busy!

Blessings of the Season to you!


artist unknown


2 thoughts on “Fresh Bread and Apple Pie

  1. Way to go Laura! You must be a fabulous cook – there’s nothing better than homemade bread – yum! I’m sure your apple pie will be just a good. I envy the people getting those gifts – have fun.

    Blessings, Barb


  2. OOO God is soooo Good!! Praise the Lord at His arrangement to bless you so mightly and at this time. I am so excited for you!!

    Blessings, hugs and love,


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