2 thoughts on “The Question of Santa Claus…

  1. That is too good!!
    Would you believe that my new husband of 8 months still believes in Santa Clause and we have some very good descusions. The last Sunday in Nov we went to a Hanging of the Green service at a church which explained the green for the cross that Jesus would be hung on, and the red for His blood that He shed, and light because Jesus is the Light of the world. After the service and on the way home, I pointed out that no where was there a reason for Santa Clause. For me Jesus has always been the reason for this season.
    It has always been a small joke at my house that my birthday is the day after Jesus’ but I am not nearly as old as He is. I will be 55 this year.

    May the blessings and joy of Christ abound for you as you prepare for your Christmas time.

    Blessings, hugs and love,


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