Beginning to Think a Bit About Christmas

Last night we hosted dinner for 15.  It seems that when we invite friends that we always have at least a dozen people.  Don’t you just love to gather with friends? 

The best part of this gathering was that Lowell cooked!  That left Joyce, Caity, Emily and I free to peruse my stack of Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, discuss recipes and make plans for the holiday season.  We have a wedding for a lady in the church, a housewarming/house blessing for us, Thanksgiving, a cookie swap, a progressive caroling dinner, and a Christmas party in the works right now.  Add to that our church activities, living nativity, and homeschool activities and we ought to keep ourselves busy through Christmas!  Then, we’ll have to see about a New Year’s party!

Usually by this time I have most of my gift plans made for Christmas.  This year, I don’t have a one made yet.  The move and Lowell being out of work have put me a bit off kilter.  So, this week I’m going to start planning.  I know that I need to get busy right away.  I’ll have cookies to make for sure.  I’ve got little helpers for that!  I also need to make a list of items I can make with things I have on hand in my crafting and sewing stash.  I’m going to make it a homemade, handmade, heartmade Christmas.

Blessings to you!


Thankful for my Lord, my husband, my home, my family, and my friends.

5 thoughts on “Beginning to Think a Bit About Christmas

  1. I had to come take a peek at your web site! Thanks for leaving such a positive comment about the yogurt, you never know if they make sense to other people, thank you. I loved your post about Christmas and husband bashing – nothing make me more sad than to hear someone speaking bad about the person that they supposedly have devoted their life to. It always makes me wonder what they say about me. Thanks again.


  2. I love all your planned activities – makes for a great deal of fun. All of which will inspire you to make some wonderful things for Christmas.
    My oldest daughter and her husband & children are coming for Thanksgiving – I can hardly wait. But that is the only thing I have planned. My husband is trying to get me into a bunch of cooking which can be fun, so we will see.

    May your blessings run over and multiply.


    • It will all be fun if I get on top of things like finishing unpacking, baking, and gift making. I don’t want to make myself crazy!



  3. Laura, that sounds wonderful! I love everything “Gooseberry Patch,” although I “loaned” mine to somebody and never saw them again. 🙂 The cooking together and seeing friends and family time are the best parts of Christmas, and we all need that reminder.


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