Simple Pleasures…

Simple Pleasures…

A warm blanket on a cold evening,

a hot cup of Constant Comment tea,

mechanical pencils,

a candle burning or potpourri simmering,

feeding my hens and macho rooster stale cheerios or bread,

a letter or note from a friend,

Jim Brickman piano music,

instrumental Christmas music any time of year,

knitting washcloths and scrubbies, a bowl of fruit on the table, cuddling with my kids early in the morning, tea and scripture early in the morning with my Savior,

a hot bath in my deep tub by the night light high on the wall,

Holmes’ Cream paint from Lowes with white cotton trim on every wall in my home,

friends that just drop in,

creating things,

homemade soups and stews,

Sunday morning Bible Study,

reading to my kids,

reading to myself,

listening to my husband read to the family,

knowing where my children are and what they’re learning,

knowing my Father God and Jesus my Savior and that my future is safe with him.

May God help you find the simple pleasures you have right now.

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