A Tale of Three Houses

Well, we’re in…three houses! We still have a few things in our old house. The new house isn’t quite ready. Lowell and his friend, Bob, decided to refinish the wood floors in the living room, dining room and hall. They first pulled up all the old carpet, took up the tin nailed to the floor, filled in the holes around the few patched boards, then sanded for about 15 hours! Then came cleaning up the dust, staining, and the first coat of polyurethane. They then had to stop for the move. They still have more sanding and two more coats of polyurethane to go. All this translates to a minimum of one more week before we can move in! So, since no one is living in the big house, much of our furniture is in the hall, dining room and living room. Everything else is in the garage!

So, for a day or two, my Lowell is a man of three houses! I’m at the old house cleaning. We’ll be “camping” in the big house until the little house is ready. Fortunately, the carpet in the living room is plush! We’ve still got lots of trim left to finish and the bathroom needs to be finished. We also need to finish painting the kitchen cabinets and drawers. The counter top went in Sunday, thanks Dave! The sink and faucet must be bought and installed soon.

Praise God! The owner has financed everything we’ve needed so far! God bless him!

Well, I’ve got to get back to work pretty soon.

Have a wonderful week; I may not get back to the computer for a few days.



One thought on “A Tale of Three Houses

  1. Laura,
    As I have followed your journey to the new house, I have often wanted to just go give you a big hug. I am excited that you are almost in your new house, but you must be exhausted trying to move, clean and school your children. Hang in there sister and know that I am praying for you. May God bless you today.


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