We’re Getting Closer…Big Move in Four Days

Well the books are packed, the china’s packed, the kitchen’s packed. Those are the biggies. Thanks to Chelsea and Caity and Emily for helping me.

The walls are painted in the new house except for a few touch ups and for finishing the bathroom. Thanks David and Joyce. The trim’s almost painted thanks to Chelsea, Johnny, Carolyn, Wayne, Emily, Gene, Caity, Michael, Amy, Hunter, Zach, Kaiden, Clayton and Jedidiah.

Today the old wood floors in the living room and the dining room are being sanded. Thanks Bob and Lowell.

At the old house, I’ve got to step back and get some laundry done and try to make some order out of the chaos. I’ve got to try to get some more boxes, too. My Amy has a yearly dr check up as well that was scheduled before I knew about The Big Move.

As you can see, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Thank you God for friends!



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