And a Good Time was Had by All….

Everyone had a wonderful time at Farm Girl Fest. Thanks to everyone who prayed about the weather. Even though the forcast was for thunderstorms, the weather was beautiful.

Special thanks to Deb for the cinnamon rolls we got to share before we attended the little church on the premises. The rolls were wonderful!

I was absolutely amazed at how folks flocked to eat the simple ham and bean soup and fried potatoes and onions Lowell made in the dutch oven and cast iron skillet. Cooking over the wood fire really was wonderful. I think we’ll have to do it again soon with friends.

Now, after a wee bit of rest, we’ll be hard at work on the new home and the old.

Labor day blessings to you all!
Full of Beans!


2 thoughts on “And a Good Time was Had by All….

  1. Laura,
    I hate that I missed the festival. I was planning on going, but got busy. Do they have it every year? Maybe I can make it next year. It sounds like you had a great time.


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