Din-G to Creamy

What a scorcher!

Well, tonight I’ve got to finish the 3 doors that started all this painting mess. I wish I could show you before and after photos; but, something’s wrong with the little hole on the computer that you put the cord in that transfers photos from the camera. So, no photos for now. Just imagine dingy dull flat white paint that has two and a half years worth of smudges and fingerprints on it transformed by a clean pretty creamy white semi-gloss paint!

This project is going to keep on going even though tonight should finish the original project I had in mind. After all, I can’t just stop at painting trim in the hallway, can I? The living room trim is dingy, too! So is the coat closet door! Hmmm…. I’ll be painting until I run out of paint or run out of trim!

I also took some time today to sort and discard some papers. I also made a menu, grocery list, and went to Aldi’s and Wal-Mart for groceries and a couple of prescriptions. I’m glad to be home. My Honey is doing the last couple of errands for me this evening. He’s taking the oldest to go mow a lawn; and then, he’s off to the country to pick up less-than-an-hour-old farm fresh cows’ milk. I’ll have to have a big old kiss and hug ready for him when he gets home!

Well, supper’s nearly ready. A sweet lady from church brought dinner tonight for us. What a treat! Rigatoni and french bread. Yum! I’m going to slice up a few fresh tomatoes to go with it, too.

Feeling productive,


2 thoughts on “Din-G to Creamy

  1. I'm with you, you can't just paint one trim, they all want a touch up! You will be glad you did, makes a difference! Man, it's hot, glad you had a productive day inspite of the heat!


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