I Woke Up Early On My Own This Morning…

So, I decided to fancy things up around here a bit. I’m feeling pretty in pink. That pretty chicken is one of our chicks we got back in March. Amazingly, I woke up before he did this morning!

I may be mistaken; the kids are the experts on telling the boys apart. But- I think that this guy is the one the kids named…mind you, we live on the edge of the Ozarks, just minutes from Oz…

I am so enjoying having the chickens. Maybe that’s because my girls feed them and Michael cleans their little home! I just get to watch them strutting around the yard, eating bugs, greens, and scraps, or watch them take off across the yard like they’re being chased by coyotes every time something or someone gets too close.

Between our big garden and our little flock of a dozen chickens, we’re living more country than we did when we lived in the country!

Last night we ate crunchy sweet peas from the garden. They’re the kind that you can eat the whole pod. So hubby made a delicious stir-fry. Yum yum!

Well, the morning’s getting on. The family will be up soon asking the first question I always hear, “What’s for breakfast?”

I’m off to the kitchen!

Have a blessed and thankful day!


UPDATE: My youngest, Amy, 7 said, “We know by the heads of the chickens that the speckled ones look the same; but, they’re not the same. The one with the not so speckled head is Freddy. And the one with the really speckled head is Speckles. Freddy is my chicken. Speckles is my sister’s. In the picture is my sister’s chicken, Speckles. Amy

Well there you have it. I was wrong about the name; but, who could resist writing Billy Joe Jim Bob Junior? ~smile~

By the way, there’s no senior. Beats me why they named him Junior!

2 thoughts on “I Woke Up Early On My Own This Morning…

  1. Hi Laura, I just LOVE your new look here, of course I love pink too! But this is fun and shabby! I miss having chickens sometimes, not when they get in the flower beds! lol


  2. I want chickens so bad! I think I have Jason convinced! I even have coop plans printed out for him to build! I've always wanted them! Glad ya'll are enjoying yours (I think you have the right idea on the cleaning and feeding part)! 🙂

    Have a great day!


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