A Room with a View

It’s a beautiful cool cloudy day here. Don’t tell the weather man that it’s June! I’m gazing out the window at lots of green. I’m on the second floor, so I am looking at branches where I can often see birds or squirrels. Down in the yard I can see the weathered white rail fence, the clothesline awaiting a load of clothes.  I won’t hang them today though; it might rain.

Two large wooden crates that have been fitted with doors and adapted as temporary night time housing for our dozen chickens. The chickens themselves are hiding somewhere out of my sight. We let them free range in our back yard.  They are a great learning experience and just plain fun, too.

We have a large garden back behind the fence. We tasted the first lettuce and a radish last week. I think our sweet peas will be ready by the weekend. I’ve not had that delicious pleasure for years.  We may just eat them raw in salads!  We’ve also used some of the basil and parsley from the garden. My husband is the gardener. In fact, he went through the master gardener course this year. So, we have the best looking garden ever. I’m just so looking forward to the first fresh juicy tomatoes!  Nothing says summer like fresh sliced tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and watermelon!  May I have that with a glass of icy lemonade please?

Tonka trucks at the back edge of the yard and hubby’s burn pile complete the view. It’s wonderful to have such a large yard in town. The yard is so deep, and there are so many trees, I cannot even see the houses behind us in the summer time.   God is good!

The chill in the air tells me it’s not summer yet, though. I’m in no hurry!

Blessings to you!


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