The Sound of Music

My All Time Favorite Movie

My All Time Favorite Movie

As I was casting about for a subject upon which to write tonight, I asked my son, Matthew, to give me a subject to write on.  He immediately suggested movies.  Hmm… 18 year old… movies… should I be surprised?  I think not.

Well, at once I thought of my all time favorite movie.  The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews.  I adore the movie.  I adore the music.  I’ve watched the movie so many times, I can just listen to the soundtrack and watch the movie play in my head.  The only part I do not like is the marionette scene.  Goats, goatherds, beer afloat heards….I’ll pass.  Edelweiss, oh so romantic!

It’s a perfect curl up and relax movie.  Even my kids love it.  We love to sing the Do Re Mi and The Hills are Alive and all the wonderful songs.  It’s really brought joy to share the music together.

Amazingly, even with all the benefits it has brought our family, I still do not own the movie or the soundtrack.  We rent or borrow them.  Maybe I need to do that again soon.  Well, that’s all I can come up with for the subject movies tonight.




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