Something to Think About… Setting the Stage


Hey Y’all,

I’ve just read a wonderful post at The Blessed Nest about staging your home to prepare to sell it. Stacey is selling her home and explains what it means to stage it in such a warm, clear, inviting way. The photos of her home and her advice are worth the click! Here’s the staging post. Here’s the post about the steps to go through to get ready to sell.

So many folks are trying to sell their homes today. You need every little tip, hint, and prayer to sell yours. I was just thinking, why do we wait until we move to spruce up our nests? We’ve painted, decluttered, repaired, cleaned, and freshened up three houses in the last 8 years for sale. After they were ready, I always wondered why we waited so long. They were then such nice houses. We’ve rented our current home for a bit more than 2 years now. If we had painted when we moved in, we wouldn’t be looking at flat white paint that gets dirty every time it’s touched and can’t be cleaned! Hmm…perhaps there’s a lesson in this?

Just something to think about….

Blessings to you!

One thought on “Something to Think About… Setting the Stage

  1. I like to think of my home as a temple to the Lord and I have always tried to keep it as tidy and fresh as I can. I am a bit messy by nature, so it’s never been easy, but it’s always been worth it!


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