We Got It…Sort of….

We got some white stuff, though not the white stuff I prefer. We had what the weather announcer called a wintry mix. It was mostly sleet and freezing rain. It was enough to cause folks to go off the road, including me. I was fortunate because there was a curb to keep me from going completely off the road. I couldn’t get back up on the blacktop, though. Thank goodness my big guy, Matthew was with me. He pushed and we eventually got the car back up on the blacktop. We had to turn around and go the other way because our route was blocked with cars that were at various angles on the road. We got home safely, thank you God! Now we have a light dusting of snow on top to make it pretty.

It gave Matthew a memorable birthday. Interestingly enough, the weather was very similar when he was born.

If you’re in this, keep warm at home!


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