A Winter Wish…

Just wishing for a little of the white stuff!



5 thoughts on “A Winter Wish…

  1. I am laughing over the thought of white stuff. I think you are further south than I am. We had white stuff last week – not enough that you could do anything with it but we did have some. I guess we are far enough to the North in Alabama that we did get some. Then we had a week of freezing weather with no precipitation. Busted pipes all over and froze up my washer. If you are wishing make sure everything is in order so it wont freeze up. I will be wishing it for you as well. I am sure your family would enjoy playing in it!God bless you on this lovely Friday. love & hugs, Ruthanne oxox


  2. NOT ME!!!! ;0)It is snowing once again here….I so desperatly need spring, blossom scented trees, excited and twitter-paitted critters dancing through the trees, the sound of the melting snow running through the streets, oh and to open a window and let in the fresh spring air…Ah Spring, were are You????What is your address, I’ll send you all my snow :0) LOL


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