Christmas on the Cheap…and Nice

Many of us are called upon to give gifts in gift exchanges, at the office, to a teacher, to friends, the list goes on and on. Many of these gifts are supposed to be of the $5 or less type.

Why not shop in the comfort of your home, from your home? Go on a treasure hunt. We all have things that are nice that we don’t really use. These would make a perfect gift to help round out your shopping list. Don’t be shy about it, either. This year, thrifty is in! Extravagance is a sin! Well, I cannot prove that Biblically; but, it’s a cute saying. ~grin~

You’re not a grinch if you are blessing from your stash. My stash includes things bought on sale through the year, yard and thrift sale finds, and things that I’ve made, including some of the things in my shop.

One of my friends, Joyce, often says, “Do with what you got.”

Blessings to you all!
Keeping Jesus as the Center of my Season

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