I Thank God… Day 30

I thank God for my son, Matthew. I’ve learned so much through the years of mothering, teaching, and loving him. He’s nearly grown now…at least I hope he is. He’s over six feet tall!
I thank God for my daughter, Emily. She helped me through the grieving my mother’s death, just by being my baby girl. She’s such a wonderful girl…a real Proverbs 31 lady in the making. She is my singer, dancer, and baker. I truly enjoy her company. She is my Wednesdays at One appointment.
I thank God for my son, Michael. He brought joy and laughter back to me after my mom’s death, just a couple of months before his birth. His name was supposed to be Zachary Isaac, meaning “God remembered laughter.” The night before he was born, Matthew asked us to name him Michael Gabriel, “Man of God, God is my Strength”. After he was born, we prayed. His name is Michael Gabriel. He truly is the one who brings laughter and laughs the most in our family. When asked which Lane Kid he is, he can answer, “the fun one.”
I thank God for my little Amy. She was truly a gift from God. We had been asking the Lord whether we should have another baby, rather than telling us, He showed us! What a thrill! We are so thankful that we were submissive to God’s plan for our life. She brings so much happiness. She’s my little decorator. She’s going to love setting out the Christmas things.
I thank God for my husband, Lowell, who has taken me for richer or poorer (We were hoping for richer.), in sickness and in health (I’m hoping for a little healthier.), ’til death do us part (That part we’re solid on.).
He’s got an amazing faith in God. When I’m falling apart, he’s there steadily believing God for whatever we need. He’s amazing; and, he’s mine, all mine.
Thank you God for giving me the best blessings, these five who share my home and my heart.
Thank you for this love that they give me.
Thank you God for my Salvation through Jesus Christ.
Thank you for Your Holy Word to us, the Bible.
Thank you for giving me a church family who loves us and challenges us to be more like You.
Thank you, Lord!
A Month of Thanks

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