I Thank God…Day 24

Thank God it’s Monday! This is an odd week for a sales executive. My hubby will work regularly for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be strange because no one really wants to buy advertising or anything else on the day before Thanksgiving. So, I think he’ll have a meeting with the boss and tie up some loose ends, etc.

I thank God for Lowell’s employment. It really seems to be something he enjoys, his boss seems to be pleased. I’m also thankful for regular paychecks again. Some of you know that Lowell was out of work from last November until August. Those were really growing in faith and creativity months. We’ve learned so much in the last few years. I thank God for bringing us through these hard times and building our faith in Him. I also thank God for protecting our marriage during the very worst of times a couple of years ago. He sent us to Marriage Encounter right before we lost our business. Thank you God!

Thankful to be Regular


2 thoughts on “I Thank God…Day 24

  1. What a blessing that you are both on the same Spiritual page….Families need really see that as a blessing and not just a “matter-of-fact”…..Be Blessed,Cindy‚ô•


  2. In todays time of troubles, a job of any sort is a plus! We went through a layoff a few years ago, so I know how you feel and it does make you stronger. So happy that Lowell has a good job!


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