My Battle Plan for Colds

Last week I had my first cold of the season. I battled hard with the symptoms as soon as they started. I used the following things from my arsenal. I also drank lots of liquids and rested as much as possible.

For the cold:
echinacea and golden seal 3x day
elderberry drops 3x day
I cut up pieces of garlic and swallowed them like a pill a few times a day.

For general health/immune system:
2 T apple cider vinegar in glass of water 3x day (Bragg’s)
Kombucha tea 8 oz a day

I didn’t have an earache. However, for ears, I peel a clove of garlic and put it inside the outer hollow portion of the ear. I cover it with a bandaid to hold it in. Then we just leave it in as long as we can stand it. It works as a natural anti-biotic. We have found it helpful for my Emily’s earaches.

I hope this helps you. Unusual ingredients can usually be found in a health food store.
God bless your family with good health and healing,


One thought on “My Battle Plan for Colds

  1. That’s pretty much how I handle a cold too, love the natural ways! Hope your feeling better soon, great minds again! I loved the story about Annie, how sweet!


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