Just Something to Think About…Christmas Gifts

What if…

we didn’t give any gifts that we felt obligated to give…

we took the time to make something for those we love…

we refused to buy anything made in a factory or overseas…

we limited ourselves to one gift per person….

Would our gift giving habits change?

Would that be good?

Just something to think about….

Moving toward Simplicity


8 thoughts on “Just Something to Think About…Christmas Gifts

  1. Laura, I am so far behind in my blog reading this week due to work, but I did want to touch base withyou this morning and let you know I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just not had time to comment! (((hugs)))HOmemade Christmas Gifts are the very best of all!


  2. Something to think about indeed! I love homemade gifts and could totally get into that. Say, did you ever find the link to the free fall cookbook? Hope so!


  3. I especially like the idea of not giving gifts that we feel “obligated” to give. I would much rather help a needy person than give a gift to someone who has an abundance just because they gave me something. Some are gift givers by nature, I am more of an acts of service kind of gal myself.


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