Tonight for Supper…

Chicken breasts with teriaki sauce and steamed rice. How on Earth do you spell that? ~smile~

Have a wonderful evening or day!


5 thoughts on “Tonight for Supper…

  1. I’m trying to leave comments here but I think blogger is sleeping in, it won’t do it? One more time, as for the craft fair, maybe next year, at least you have stuff to stock your store! Try finding a team to join to promote it too, your welcome to join the farmgirl flair team but it’s been slow too. As for the vanilla, sure you can just pop the beans into a bottle of vodka, that’s how I started, but I just love the nice bottle, it holds more too!


  2. Visiting from Tammy’s…(I’m actually another Tammy!)Your dinner sounds great- we haven’t had that in a long time!I’m having a 350th post giveaway so stop on by!~Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)


  3. Sounds like you had a great supper!Thanks for stopping by my blog….my shop was a barn….I will have to post the “before” pics again. Beth


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