A Late August Morning…

It’s a late August morning….
Here’s what we’re up to this morning:

My littlest, Amy is coloring and cutting out pumpkins in anticipation of Autumn decorating. ~Art~

My next, Michael, is reading a science book. ~Science~

My Emily is cutting up apples and making apple pie filling to freeze. ~Home Economics~

I am cleaning the office. Oh, how things do pile up! My husband is out of town today. He works from home part-time and travels to a nearby city part-time. I want to make our home office more restful and peaceful and tidy for his eyes. ~Loving my Husband~

Later today, lessons for the children, checking some assignments for me, and a little sewing or crafting for the Farm Girl Fest and my shop. I’ll be adding new items soon. ~Home Teaching, Home Business~

Just trying to keep busy and be productive!



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