Apple Butter City Style….

Hello Everyone,
I had a question about making apple butter on my last post from Miss Carol.

“Hi there. Thanks so much for sharing your life…I so enjoy reading what you write! I have a question for you….is making apple butter quite impossible for someone who doesn’t (unfortunately) live in the country and pick her own apples?? I love apple butter, but have never ever made it. I also don’t have a recipe…help? :)”
Well Miss Carol, I’m not sure I’m the one to answer this! The truth is, I usually cheat a bit at making apple butter. I don’t live in the country right now, but in a small town. Even when I did live in the country, I didn’t have my own tree. We have gone apple picking at an orchard before; and that’s just so fun with the kids. It’s not always possible; and, it’s a lot of work. So, here’s how this small town girl cheats a bit! ~smile~
Apple Butter City Style
First, I buy one of those great big cans of apple sauce, the kind that the restaurants and large families use. Sometimes I’ll buy two if I feel like making a lot.
Next, I open the can, pour it in a big pot, and start heating it up over medium heat, stirring often.
While it’s heating, I go to the freezer and get out my cinnamon and cloves, and sometimes ginger and nutmeg. The most important spice is the cinnamon. I use the others if I have them on hand. I also get out the brown or white sugar. Either one works; but, I like the flavor of the dark brown sugar best.
Now, here’s the part that makes me blush a bit. I don’t measure anything! It makes it really hard to explain how to make it. I just pour in a bunch of cinnamon, a little bit of cloves, nutmeg, and and a tiny bit of ginger. How’s that for measurements? ~smile~ I also add a lot of brown or white sugar, until it’s as sweet as I like it. ~blushing again~ I guess you’ve guessed that I taste as I go! I do use a clean spoon though, in my defense.
While I’m in the kitchen paying attention, I keep it on medium low and stir it occassionally. If I’m going to be about the house, I put it on the lowest heat and stir it when I walk through the kitchen. I just continue to simmer it until it gets thick and dark and delicious, adjusting sugar and spices until it’s just right. It takes hours.
When it’s as thick as I like, I ladle it into jars and usually freeze it because I have plenty of freezer space. It can be canned; I just haven’t done it. Consult the Ball Blue Book for instructions on that.
Well, that’s about all I can think of. Oh, here’s an idea your family might like. When you make cinnamon rolls, use apple butter instead of butter, cinnamon, and sugar for a filling. My family likes it.
We have to do what we can, with what we have, where we are.
Happy at Home

3 thoughts on “Apple Butter City Style….

  1. Oh you made me smile!! 😀 And I bet your house smells absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for the “recipe”….I just may try that and claim that I struggled all day long. Yeah, like they’d believe that! Thanks again…


  2. I had to take a second look Laura, for a second I thought I was at the wrong place. Am loving the new look here! Oh, how I miss those days when I spent hours preserving and canning summer’s bounty for the long winter ahead. I made many a batch of apple butter and other goodies. With only Todd and I to eat these things, we’d never get them used up. I have enjoyed reading all your latest entries this morning Laura. I am playing catch up as usual!!! XXOO


  3. I LOVE apple butter…Have you ever tried the “Red-Hots” apple butter, Laura? My Hubby’s aunt told me about it- put applesauce and a small bag of Red-Hots candy in a slow cooker ( to melt the candy)and it is WONDERFUL!!


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