Something to Think About…Doing It Right….

This is a re-run of an earlier post on my “Blogging with Momma” site.
“What we forget is that following God makes us different- from unbelievers, but also from one another. God has created each of us uniquely and for a specific purpose; and in that purpose we can dare to accomplish what he asks of us.”
-Judith Couchman Daring to Be Different

As a young mother, and as a homeschooler, I’ve often looked to other mothers to know how to DO IT right. You know, the right way to diaper, the right way to feed a baby, the right way to dress a toddler, the right way to discipline, the right way to teach my children. Read More Here….

God bless you all as this new school season begins!
Whatever your choice for teaching your children, wherever they will learn, remember that they are yours, given to you by God. He trusts you with them. Trust yourself!



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