I Will Never be the Same Again

Many of you know that my husband was without work for many months and has just started working a few weeks ago. I praise God for his new job. I trust that God will help him get the sales he needs to support our family.

Twice this week we have heard devastating news financially. But God. No, we haven’t found a way through it or out of it. But we’ve prayed. I know that some how, some way God will bring us through this. I trust God. I guess that’s what I’ve come to know in my mind, heart, and spirit. I can trust HIM completely. It will probably be really hard. But God.

We’ve been reading the Adventures in Odyssey Passages books by Paul McCusker. In the books, God is referred to by some of the characters as “The Unseen One”. One of the characters stated that they were in the hands of the Unseen One. That phrase stuck in my mind. So, now I know that I can have peace, no matter what we go through, that We are in the hands of the Unseen One. God our creator will take care of us.

The other thing that I’ve realized is that I’ve had a wrong focus during this four year financial nightmare. I kept wanting to hear my husband tell me, “It’s going to be alright.” Over the last many months, I’ve realized that no. It is not going to be alright. In fact, that’s the wrong question, the wrong focus.

The real question, the only one that really matters is if we, as a couple, and as a family are going to be alright. We are both committed to God and to each other and to our family. So, we know that with God, We are going to be alright. We are 100% sure and committed that with God, we’re going to be together, forever, no matter what. That commitment is what will make us live happily ever after.

So, all this said, I have chosen not to worry about these things. I’ve given them back to God and asked Him to show us the way and take care of it. I have the most amazing peace in this storm. It is that peace that passes all understanding. Praise the Lord.

I will never be the same again.

God bless!



6 thoughts on “I Will Never be the Same Again

  1. I’m praying right along with you Laura. Things don’t always go as smoothly as we want them to and we don’t always get the things we pray for, but we always get the things He wants for us, and that are the best for us. Trusting in Him,and then going with the flow is the key to a happy life together. If God is the focus of your life then it’s all good. You are so blessed to haved a husband that is on the same page as you are. Had my ex husband been on the same page, then maybe we would have still been married. Nevermind my Todd is on the same page and that’s what counts!


  2. I can totally relate to what you are going through, Laura. My husband lost his job last July, 2007. No one would hire him because of his age and his years of experience. We had no money coming in for nine months. I worried myself physically sick over all of this. But somehow, God pulled us through. My husband is retired now, and we are ok. Our life has changed drastically, but by the Grace of God I know that our family will be fine. You words are encouraging to anyone who is dealing with financial disaster. God bless you for that!


  3. We have been there, too, Laura ~ only 3 short years ago. We faced some real challenges. My husband lost his long time job, we lost our home. At one point, we were in a moving truck with no where to move to. Though I couldn’t see the plan, the Lord carried us in his hands. He restored our needs and gave us the desires of our heart. I still look around in awe that we had to go through the valley to be brought to the promised land. I, too, will never be the same again.I will be praying for you sister!May the Lord bless your family and guide your steps as He brings you to the place He wants you to be.Blessings,Lea


  4. Laura, your doing the right thing by trusting God and not letting the stress make you sick, which will only add to the bills and rob your sweet family of their loving Mom! Hang in there, God doesn’t give us more than we can handle! Are you enjoying this lovely cool weather too? Makes me want to decorate for fall! Hugs!!


  5. awesome to hear of your discovery….
    don't you just love it when you get what your Father has been trying to relay to you…

    You were His long before you were each others….



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