Why I Love Homemaking….

I love homemaking because…

It is such a blessing to have a home to make, even if it is rented.

I realize that being home with my children is a great privilege. Thank you Honey!

I love knowing that I’m here for my husband and kids whenever they need me.

I answer to my God and my husband.

I can take time to “carpe diem”, sieze the day, whether it be checking on the groundhogs at the corner, stopping when we see elephants outside at the circus’ out of season barn, watching a plane land at the airport in the next town, or just stopping to see a bug or flower or whatever my kids are excited about.

I get to be here to help my children learn new skills, like cooking!

Thank you God!

Thank you Honey!


Thankful to Be Home


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Homemaking….

  1. Laura those are some of the best reasons I can think of for loving being a Keeper at Home too! Isn’t it a joy!Blessings,Lea


  2. I loved this post! I love homemaking as well! I consider it a pure blessing to be able to stay home and care for my home, husband and children!!!!! 🙂


  3. I was a SAHM for 22 years and I loved being at home for my children and taking care of them. I am so thankful that I had the luxury of being able to do that.


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