The Value of Working Together

Recently, in my home, or I should say on my porch, two of my men, my Honey Lowell, and my son Michael were engaged in a day long project. Lowell had shattered the front glass door with a rock while mowing; so, we decided to replace it with an old fashioned screen door. It’s so nice to let the breeze in, you know.

So, they scraped, and painted, and put hardware on, and did all the guy stuff involved in a father son project of this magnitude. I captured a few moments of the project with my digital camera.

There is just so much value in hard work. It not only gets the work done, you also feel good knowing that you did it, not to mention the heartstrings it can tie when you work together!

My oldest got involved when the door didn’t close properly. Lowell tried several things; then, he asked Matthew, who had taken carpentry in school this year, for help. That’s just what we needed.
We’ve enjoyed the fruits of their labor for a few weeks now. I think their heartstrings will enjoy the fruits much longer.
What can you do with your children today?
God bless you all!
Happy at Home

4 thoughts on “The Value of Working Together

  1. Aww….tearing up at the last comment. What a sweet husband you have. And what a great father! I firmly believe in families doing things together. We once built a house together (my ex, myself and our five children) Literally every nail and screw, every lick of paint, you name it . . . it was all done by us and it was a wonderful experience, well . . . most of the time anyways! I bet the children still have good memories of it to this day!


  2. I love seeing your son helping his dad on a project. What a wonderful way to teach them to love to work and help the family!Smiles,Lea


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