Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful:
that today is my mother-in-love’s birthday,
that my Emily is enjoying her piano lessons more,
that my kids are old enough to help me with the cooking and cleaning,
that my dad took Annie and I out for lunch and shopping,
that my dad bought me some pretties at the shops,
that my Friend Debbie bought my Emily a pretty new modest swimsuit,
that my husband has a job,
that we’re finally going to do our yard sale tomorrow,
that we have lots of hands to help us get ready,
that my house is not perfectly clean, but clean enough for company,
that we’re going to have one of my favorites tonight, burritos with homemade refried beans,
that we were able to make some gifts for my mother-in-love,
that my Lowell will be home with her soon,
that I have dear readers like you.
Won’t you please leave me a comment and say hello?
Thank you God!

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Hello! Are you by any chance a Fly Baby? Just a couple of things I saw i n your post! Anyway I wanted to let you know that modest swimsuits are available from here: < ALT="" HREF="" REL="nofollow"> –<>God Bless! From a fellow FlyBaby:D


  2. Yes, I guess you might say so. I’ve been a flybaby in the past; but, I’ve been off the wagon for awhile. I guess it could come through in my writing because I’ve been flywashed. I probably need to get back to flying.Laura


  3. Hey, Laura! I finally made it over to your new blog! Thanks for sharing! God’s blessings upon you, Sweet Sister!All My Love,~RebeccaP.S. – Is there any way to get your blog entries to come directly to my e-mail box? If there is…THAT would be GREAT!!! Thanks!


  4. Laura, We certainly have much to be thankful for, don’t we? Sometimes the trials and troubles in life are in actuality a source of tremendous grace, because He is the source of all that is good. Praise God for your husband’s new job!


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