My Day Book

Outside my Window… it’s a rather cloudy day. We had rain this morning. I was determined to walk, so my dog, my Amy in her pink rain poncho, and I all set off for a short walk in the rain this morning. I think my Amy enjoyed it all the more since it was not only time alone with Momma, but also something that we just don’t do.
I am thinking… that I am a very blessed woman. I have the love of a good man and lots of Little Lanes… at least it’s lots to me!
I am thankful for… lots of food in my freezer, wheat and oats in my buckets, fresh milk in my refrigerator, and the knowledge of how to make yummy things from all these ingredients.
From the kitchen… chicken is simmering for a pot of chicken and dumplings. It smells so good!
I am creating… scrapbook pages to add to my children’s scrapbooks.
I am going… to take my children to Vacation Bible School this week.
I am wearing… a blue denim dress, with embroidery, my slip on sketcher shoes and socks.
I am reading… The On-Purpose Person.
I am hoping… for my shop, Harvest Lane Cottage, to be successful.
I am hearing… the whir of the fan. My mother-in-love and my son talking in the other room.
Around the house… the kids are out riding bikes with their Uncle Robin, my son and husband are in the living room talking to my mother-in-love, and I will soon be joining them.
One of my favorite things… a good book and a rainy day.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I have an old wicker chair that I’d like to paint. I also need to work on a couple of aprons.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you… the latest photo I have of all my children, Matthew, Emily, Michael, and Amy, oldest to youngest.
Now go see what the other ladies are doing at Peggy’s Day Book.
Have a terrific week!

3 thoughts on “My Day Book

  1. What a lovely family you have!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful photo of them with us and also your beautiful thoughts!


  2. Hello Laura! Sounds like a wonderful day to me…. is it o.k. if I come over to sample the dumplins? LOL I’ll even bring my own spoon! (A really BIG one.)


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