Rambling Thoughts About a Beach Ball

Thoughts About a Beach Ball….
As a kid, beach balls were a great symbol of summer fun. They were so versatile. First there was the excitement of getting a new one each year. Funny, they never seemed to last from year to year. Next, the inflating. I remember blowing and blowing and feeling like it would never be inflated fully. Of course, I had to make it just as hard as I could. There was always the challenge of getting the little hole plugged before too much air came out. Then at last it was ready for play.
My brother John and I loved to play with balls. Beach balls, baseballs, basketballs, plain old rubber balls, super balls, and tennis balls all enhanced our fun. Beach balls were especially fun in the water. I do mean in the water. We’d do our best to completely submerge the ball, then let it go and watch it pop up into the air. It was great fun to see who could send it the highest. We’d bat it back and forth to each other, push it in the water, make a whirlpool in our little pool and watch it go round and round.
Ah childhood, when fun was found in a simple beach ball. I think I’ll look for one this week for my little kiddles. ~smile~

2 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts About a Beach Ball

  1. Hi Miss Marie,It’s always a joy to read your comments!It is absolutely NOT too late. You are most certainly NOT too old!NOW is the perfect time!Go get one!Enjoy!Laura


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