Together…Forever…No Matter What!

I saw this sign recently; and, I thought that it describes my marriage to Lowell perfectly.  On the 24th of May, we celebrated 22 years of marriage.  Prior to that, we “went steady” for four and a half years.  So, for the last 26 1/2 years, he’s been my man.  We were in high school when we started “going steady”.  I remember that when we got to three months, I thought this was pretty special.  When we’d been going together for six months, I decided that this was forever and we were going to get married!  I didn’t tell him right away, but all of my decisions from there on out reflected that priority. ~smile~  The funny thing was, I was only seventeen, so young.  Consequently, neither of us dated around.  He was always there for me; and, I was always there for him.  It’s just the way things were and the way they would always be. 

We married young and in debt, just before my last semester of college.  We had rough times from the start.  We had a few good years; but, marriage has never been easy.  There have been blissful times; and, there have been times when the only thing that kept us together was commitment.  God has been faithful to us; we’ve been faithful to Him the best we knew how, and we have been faithful to each other.  Over time, God has added four children to our little family.  That’s a long story in itself! 

My point in telling you this is that our life hasn’t been easy.  We’ve loved each other like crazy, we’ve been mad at each other, we’ve been through really bad financial situations, we’ve done well financially, we’ve been through moves, parenting trials, lost jobs, a failed business, and many other things.  BUT GOD!  God has given us an unwavering commitment to each other and to our marriage. 

I believe with all my heart that is available to any couple who wants it.  It’s not easy, especially when things are strained between you.  But you absolutely must NEVER contemplate a future apart.  You must NEVER NEVER NEVER even mention the dirtiest word, the most deadly word ever spoken by a married person, DIVORCE.  If no one ever says it, no one will do it.  It must not even be an option.  For us, it is not.  We have vowed before God.  We will be…




God bless you and your marriages.  Pray for your marriage, for your children’s marriages and future spouses.  Young ladies, pray for your future husbands.  I call it the pre-Prayment plan!


Laura of Harvest Lane


3 thoughts on “Together…Forever…No Matter What!

  1. I just found your blog and read this first post and wanted to say thank you. So many of the homemaker blogs I read talk about their marriages like they never had to weather tough times and it makes it rather hard to relate to. Thanks for this post that shows there are ups and downs and congratulations on your anniversary.


  2. Laura,
    So encouraging ~ Thank you. I feel the same way. My dear husband and I have been married for almost 16 years after a very whirlwind romance. I can’t imagine life any other way. We have had our share of struggles, but never with one another……just life stuff that we get through, and then on to the next adventure. Have a blessed day. In God’s Love, Tami


  3. I met P 3 months after I turned 17. That was in 1972. ;o) In a few days, we’ll celebrate our 34th anniversary. The years keep speeding by now, it seems.


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