On Being A Child…

I had a most delightful experience this afternoon. I went to the park, sat on the ground, and watched my children, ages 6-17 climb an enormous tree. My son told me it was a sugar maple. The branches were perfect for climbing and massive enough to hold them all at once without a sigh.
After awhile, I called my six year old over and began to show her how to make a chain with clover flowers. I was thrilled that I figured out how to close the chain. As we were finishing the first chain, my little one said, “I’m going to remember this forever.” Goodness, how that touched this momma’s heart!
We made chains for some time, teaching my other children how to do it, also. Then, four little girls, ages 5-7, came over to see what we were doing. I offered to teach them, too. None of them had seen a clover flower chain before! It was a tender moment for me as I passed on a “skill” of girlhood to all of these children, my own, and the others.
I wonder how much has been lost on this generation and the last…. I always wanted to learn jacks, but never had anyone to teach me. I always wanted to learn to shoot marbles, but never had anyone to teach me.
I am aware now that I must think about these little things, simple pleasures, simple pastimes, and pass these along to my children along with the many other things that I teach them.
Bless God for this wonderful afternoon and wonderful reminder of how pleasant the little things can be.
Carpe diem!
Sieze the Day!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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