Just Something to Think About…Possessions

“It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.”  ~Thoreau

How true!

I watch one television show weekly, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  Last night they did a two hour special In New Orleans.  They built a house and a church.  They also showed pictures of the widespread devastation that still calls New Orleans home.   Just south of me, here in Missouri, and in Northeast Oklahoma, whole communities were devastated or leveled by tornadoes.  

It reveals much about what is truly important in life when we listen to the stories and testimonies of those who have been struck by a natural disaster or fire.  They are so thankful to be alive, and if Christians, to have protection from God.  They seem to be closer to God.

As I look around me, I have piles.  These piles don’t bring me peace.  I want the peace that passeth all understanding that Paul talked about in Philippians chapter 4.  For me, part of getting that peace is going to be getting rid of the “stuff” that is holding me in bondage. 

I’m still working on collecting things for a yard sale.  I’m going to start praying, before I work, for God to show me what truly is clutter in my life.

How about you?  Is there some decluttering that you need to do?

Just something to think about….


2 thoughts on “Just Something to Think About…Possessions

  1. hi again. I was just posting about going through my children’s things and decluttering. It is such a good feeling and it does make me think more about the possessions we have.


  2. Laura,
    I am in this process right now. Paring down, decluttering, and simplifying. It is so freeing. I am reading a book by Peter Walsh called “It’s all too Much”. Have a blessed weekend. In God’s Love, Tami


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