My Day Book

FOR TODAY May 5th…
Outside My Window…darkness.
I’m writing late at night before I go to bed.

I am thinking…
What am I doing up this late?
I am thankful for…
A cozy safe house to sleep in.
From the kitchen…
Homemade cocoa today and a pot roast.
I am wearing…
A knit purple knit jumper and a blue t-shirt.
It should be my nightgown. ~wink~
I am creating…
This new blog.
I am going…
Nowhere. It was a day at home.
I am reading…
Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.
I am hoping…
To get lots of work done this week now that my sprained ankle is healing.
I am hearing…
The hum of the computer, the fan, and the television in the background.
Around the house…
My husband is watching something on television; the children are snug in their beds.
One of my favorite things…
Lilacs. I’ve loved seeing and smelling them the last couple of weeks.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Catching up on school paperwork…cleaning…making granola…cleaning…and decluttering for a yard sale.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Now, go check out the other Day Book entries at our hostess Peggy’s blog, The Simple Woman.

God bless!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage…Happy at Home

8 thoughts on “My Day Book

  1. Laura, it sounds like everything is at peace there. Nothing better than lilacs blooming and that wonderful scent. I miss lilacs so much. I grew up in NJ and they were all around our house!Thanks for visiting my blog today, and for leaving your comment! I’ll be back to visit you again!Cora


  2. Laura,A very lovely day in your cozy home. I think I will join in on Peggy’s daybook next Monday, so fun! Have a blessed day. Love, Tami


  3. Laura- I didn’t know you were here now!I like Blogger better…I guess it’s what you get used to, but I can find my way around this new blog a lot easier than your other one. (Since I’m kind of blog illiterate anyway, every little bit helps. LOL)


  4. Thank you for sharing about your day! The lilacs are beautiful, aren’t they? They always remind me of my dad and that’s nice.So glad your ankle is healing! 🙂


  5. I didn’t do this week’s Daybook because I was away from home.I am doing that book with a friend this summer.Mama Bear


  6. Oooh, your picture thought turned out so beautifully! Thank you for taking part and I have linked your new blog to my sidebar. HUGS!


  7. Yes, the lilacs are beautiful, one of my favorites too! Enjoyed the journal for today, thanks for sharing. Hooray for healing!


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