My Thrifty Shopping Spree

Our town is enveloped in yard sale fever this weekend. It’s the annual city garage sale. I have been trying to clean out the clutter lately. I decided to wait a couple of more weeks for my sale to give myself time to go through as much as possible. I went to several sales today and got some gifts, a nice pink check jumper for my 10 year old daughter, some candles, some great books, and a few fun odds and ends. I limited myself to those things I really thought we’d use. My favorite find was a red painted wooden sign lettered, “Always Kiss Me Goodnight.” I’ve seen these country primitive style signs before; and, I just really like them.

Are you cleaning out for a yard sale?
I’d love to hear from you here on my new blog.

I’m still blogging at Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage for a little while longer.

Eventually, I’ll just be blogging here.

God bless and have a beautiful weekend!

Laura of Harvest Lane
Happy at Home


3 thoughts on “My Thrifty Shopping Spree

  1. Girl, I’ve been sorting for a yard sale soon too, I”m not taking all this stuff to a new house! Tis the season! 🙂


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