You Make My Day….

I’m so honored.  My Friend Sue from Country Pleasures was so kind to give me this award!  I am enjoying getting to know Sue through her blog and her kind comments.  I encourage you to go visit her. 

I wish to award the following lovely blogs with this award:

Mrs. Miller at Homemaking Homesteader,

Miss Deb at homespun living,  

Miss Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse,

Miss Kay at The Rustic Cottage,

Miss Marie at A Year from Oak Cottage,

Miss Tami at Joyful Noise.

God bless you all ladies!  Please pass this award on to 6 others each.

Laura of Harvest Lane


4 thoughts on “You Make My Day….

  1. Laura, I am honored that you would choose to gift me with one of these. I am touched to the very heart of me! Thanks so much!!! You are such a darling! I shall have to pop over and check out the other ladies.


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